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Deep Thoughts(29)

Two young boys were playing in the front yard of their Toronto home when the neighbour's rotweiller hops the fence and starts attacking one of the boys. The other boy in a midst of shock picks up his hockey stick and smacks the dog over the back of the neck killing it instantly.

News of the event travelled fast and a couple of hours later a reporter from the Toronto Star shows up and is talking to the boy hero.

"I can see the headlines tomorrow, 'Toronto Maple Leaf fan uses hockey stick to deliver crushing blow to attacking dog'"

But the little boy replies, "But sir, I am not a Maple Leaf fan."

The reporter gathers himself and says, "Okay, 'Blue Jays fan uses stick to strike out attacking beast'."

Once again the little boy replies, "But sir, I am not a Blue Jays fan either."

"Well then what team do you like?"

"I like the Montreal Canadiens, sir!"

"Okay then, 'French Bastard kills neighbours beloved pet'"

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